RAID Submission Connecting Business, Human Rights and Corruption

Submission to the Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises

RAID is a UK based non-governmental organization which exposes corporate wrongdoing, environmental damage and human rights abuses, partnering with those harmed to hold companies to account. Through rigorous investigation, advocacy and the law, RAID seeks to strengthen regulation of business and achieve justice.

RAID welcomes the opportunity to input into the Working Group’s consultation on the theme of “connecting the business and human rights and anti-corruption agendas”. Inevitably, in RAID’s experience, both human rights violations and corruption go hand-in-hand whenever there are exploitative mineral contracts or other illicit business relationships with political elites and state security forces.

This submission is structured according to the guiding questions provided by the Working Group, but restricted to those issues where RAID has sufficient knowledge, based upon in-country research.

Read the full submission here.