What We Do

RAID exposes corporate wrongdoing, environmental harm and human rights abuse. As an innovative UK-based NGO, we partner with those harmed to hold companies to account. Through rigorous investigation, advocacy and the law, we seek to strengthen regulation of business and bring justice for those most impacted by corporate misconduct.

Few organisations do what RAID does. Our work pushes the boundaries of corporate accountability. We conduct field research and forensic desk research at a level of detail that is difficult to refute and helps concretely advance access to remedy. RAID operates in a niche area of the business and human rights space, testing new and inventive approaches. We have a proven track record in delivering ground-breaking impact. 

RAID works with those whose human rights have been violated, including local communities, individuals and workers, to secure justice. For those harmed, obtaining remedy in local courts, in legal jurisdictions where the companies are based, or through complaints mechanisms, can seem impossible. We seek to change that, working hand-in-hand with human rights defenders and civil society groups based in the global South.


Anneke Van Woudenberg

Executive Director

Michael Elliot

Legal and Policy Researcher

Anaïs Tobalagba

Legal and Policy Researcher

Zainab Rahim

Communications & Admin Officer

Joseph Mwangi*

Consultant and Researcher

Bonheur Minzoto

Research Associate

Tom Kenny

Research Consultant

Board of Trustees

Steve Crawshaw

Chair of Trustees, author, and human rights advocate

Muleya Mwananyanda

Director Influence and Partnerships, UNAIDS

Laura Boardman

Managing Director Development & Outreach, Human Rights Watch

Kathryn Nwajiaku-Dahou

Director Politics and Governance, ODI

David White

Former Africa Editor, Financial Times


Tricia Feeney

Founder of RAID, former trustee

Robert McCorquodale

Barrister and mediator, and former trustee at RAID

Bronwen Manby

Independent consultant, visiting senior fellow at the LSE, former trustee

“RAID is an impressive organisation combining high quality, forensic research alongside close engagement with those harmed by business activities. RAID’s efforts challenging companies has delivered significant impact for rights holders.”

Professor Robert McCorquodale
Barrister at Brick Court Chambers