17 June 2024

DRC: No accountability for Glencore crimes until justice is delivered to all victims

10 June 2024

DR Congo: Mine workers labouring for the energy transition are trapped in exploitative low wage system

28 March 2024

Barrick subsidiaries settle UK legal claims alleging deaths and injuries at Tanzania gold mine

27 March 2024

New report exposes the environmental and human costs of DRC’s cobalt boom

18 March 2024

A call to end the global trade in tainted gold on the London market

20 February 2024

Congolese workers challenge mining companies in DRC courts

22 December 2023

RAID celebrates its 25th anniversary year

16 December 2023

Kabwe Community Denied Justice in Lead Poisoning Case Against Mining Giant Anglo American

25 August 2023

RAID statement following the UK SFO announcement to close the corruption investigation into mining giant ENRC 

8 August 2023

RAID response to inaccurate statements by Barrick Gold

17 April 2023

146 organisations condemn lawsuit brought by Dan Gertler against the Congo is Not for Sale anti-corruption coalition

29 March 2023

Workers at DRC’s industrial cobalt mines pushed further into poverty

15 March 2023

Rights groups inform Dan Gertler they cannot support his DRC deal

8 March 2023

US should not ease corruption sanctions on Dan Gertler

3 February 2023

RAID’s site visit to Barrick’s North Mara gold mine