RAID Briefing Report on North Mara March 2022

Briefing Paper: Police Violence at the North Mara Gold Mine

14 March 2022

RAID documents latest incidents at Barrick’s North Mara gold mine in Tanzania following over a decade of reports of serious human rights violations at the mine. At the time of this briefing, RAID has conducted six research missions to North Mara and interviewed more than 90 people over the past 28 months, following up on reports that the human rights situation remained of serious concern. RAID’s team interviewed those injured, their families, witnesses, local authorities, village leaders, police officers, security personnel and former mine employees, who provided credible information about new killings and assaults by Tanzanian police assigned to the mine, identified by local residents as “mine police”. The vast majority of the human rights incidents occurred in the past 12 months.

March 2022 Barrick North Mara Gold Mine Briefing RAID