Muleya Mwananyanda Deputy Regional Director at Amnesty International

Muleya Mwananyanda is the Director Influence and Partnerships at UNAIDS. Prior to this, she was the Deputy Regional Director for Amnesty International at the Southern Africa Regional Office in charge of Research. Her work has been focused on human rights advocacy in East and Southern Africa. Before joining Amnesty, she was the Campaigns and Policy Manager in charge of Gender for Oxfam’s Rights in Crisis Programme interfacing with the Peace and Security Council of the African Union in Addis Ababa. She worked as a campaign manager for the Global Campaign for education, in particular advocating for girls’ education. She has participated in many human rights research and campaign projects globally, and has also worked as a journalist. Muleya is a human rights lawyer and has represented indigent clients as a pro bono lawyer. Her interests are in corporate responsibility, environment, rural development and conservation. She has a Master of Laws degree from the University of Dar Es Salaam.