Fifteen Years of Achievement at RAID

15 March 2014

Fifteenth Anniversary Report

Review of Progress, 2012-13

Since its foundation in 1998, RAID has been at the forefront of efforts to strengthen and implement the mechanisms that can bring corporate misconduct to light and achieve justice for victims of abuse. RAID’s work focuses especially on ensuring that corporations operating in conflict-affected countries where the rule of law is weak adhere to international norms on human rights and corporate responsibility.

Through field research in collaboration with national and international partners, RAID builds a detailed understanding of the harms suffered by individuals and communities as a result of corporate action or complicity with governments, and helps those affected to seek appropriate remedies.

RAID’s unique contribution is in linking its extensive knowledge of individual cases with national and international policy debates at the highest level. In this anniversary review, we celebrate some of the milestones achieved by RAID over the past fifteen years.

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