9 March 2016

NGOs Warn: ‘Companies Duck Responsibility for Abuse Because of Flawed Human Rights Guidance, Lack of Independent Oversight’

15 December 2015

Acacia Mining should overhaul flawed grievance mechanism at its North Mara Mine, Tanzania

19 August 2015

Glencore must explain its plans for thousands of artisanal miners

27 March 2015

Clarification sought from Barrick and Acacia

17 March 2015

Rethinking the UN Guiding Principles and company grievance mechanisms

11 February 2015

North Mara settlement a positive step, but justice has not yet been achieved

21 December 2014

NGOs call on Glencore to Correct Misleading Assertions

10 December 2014

OECD Due Diligence Guidance and the Tin Supply Chain Initiative (iTSCi)

9 December 2014

Glencore in Katanga, DRC

27 November 2014

African Barrick: Can a leopard change its spots?

18 November 2014

DRC Human Rights Defender, Boniface Umpula Released

13 November 2014

Boniface Umpula Nyembo: Arbitrary Detention of Human Rights Defender in the DRC

26 September 2014

Open letter to pension funds about Och-Ziff investments

23 September 2014

G4S in Papua New Guinea

23 September 2014

Complaint of serious human rights abuses in Australian processing centre lodged against UK company G4S

19 September 2014

Huge CalPERS pension fund to exit Och-Ziff and other hedge funds

16 September 2014

Press follow-up to RAID’s report on Och-Ziff

29 July 2014

The Observer newspaper reports on North Mara mine

7 July 2014

Mining contracts in Zambia