17 April 2018

Acacia Mining Fails to Address Rights Abuses in Tanzania

25 October 2017

Tanzania President Should Insist Barrick Gold Resolves Rights Abuses at Acacia’s North Mara Mine

13 October 2017

DR Congo: Greed and Corruption Block Democratic Progress

10 October 2017

Expand Targeted Sanctions on Kabila Family and Financial Associates

4 August 2017

African Commission: Landmark $4.36 Million Award to DR Congo Massacre Victims

6 July 2017

Acacia Mining’s Troubles in Tanzania Run Deeper Than Tax

27 June 2017

Highly Regarded Human Rights Activist Appointed as RAID’s New Chief Executive

27 April 2017

G4S: Commercial Considerations Took Priority Over Human Rights at Manus Island

5 January 2017

US Hedge Fund Corruption Settlement Shows Failure of City Regulation

30 September 2016

Tanzania – More questions for Acacia Mining and Barrick Gold

23 September 2016

Tanzanian Government investigation receives hundreds of reports of violence and deaths at Acacia’s North Mara Mine

9 May 2016

In Need of Repair: Acacia Mining’s Grievance Mechanism at North Mara Gold Mine, Tanzania

28 April 2016

Refusal to disclose information on sanctions: RAID granted permission to appeal

15 April 2016

Panama, Congo, Zimbabwe, London, New York: the vultures come home to roost

12 March 2016

ENRC (now Eurasian Resources Group) failed to respect human rights, says UK government watchdog

9 March 2016

UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

9 March 2016

NGOs Warn: ‘Companies Duck Responsibility for Abuse Because of Flawed Human Rights Guidance, Lack of Independent Oversight’

15 December 2015

Acacia Mining should overhaul flawed grievance mechanism at its North Mara Mine, Tanzania

19 August 2015

Glencore must explain its plans for thousands of artisanal miners

27 March 2015

Clarification sought from Barrick and Acacia